Online Marketing

Be Radically Open-Minded

– Ray Dalio


SMS & Email Marketing are the two of the best methods to engage with consumers.  We send the appropriate message at the right time, to each consumer.  By utilizing a data-driven approach, our monetization and engagement strategies have yielded tremendous results for our clients.
We do not bulk send.  A hyper-targeted approach is what allows us to yield the best performance for all of our clients and more importantly, provides a respectful engagement process that adds value to the consumers we engage with on a daily basis. 

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We analyze the results of our tests and make data-driven recommendations to your team to implement.

Our engagement process is simple. We don’t engage with everyone. We engage with each user at the right time, with the best message. By taking a data driven approach, we limit the amount of bulk sending and send hyper targeted communication’s to users. If the consumer engages, we send more of what they like, when they want it. If the consumer does not engage, we cease sending immediately.


We engage with the right user, at the right time, with the best message.

It has taken us years to learn how to balance performance with frequency of consumer engagement.  By utilizing a data-driven approach and identifying what message the consumer should receive at what time, we can maximize profitability while respecting best practices and conservatively engaging with consumers.  If the consumer appreciates your message and it adds value, the revenue will follow.




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